Modern Calligraphy Workbook


This gorgeous, 80-page workbook covers the basic shapes and practice drills, step-by-step on how to create the lowercase alphabet and uppercase alphabet, connecting letters, and then words and phrases.

There is room for you to practice and develop your own modern calligraphy style. You will find that it is packed with lots of useful information and tips and tricks and there are clear instructions on the right equipment to buy and how to hold your dip pen correctly.

The Modern Calligraphy Workbook covers the following:

  • Basic shapes and practice drills
  • Step-by-step on how to create the lowercase alphabet and uppercase alphabet
  • Connecting letters
  • Writing words and phrases
  • Calligraphy flourishes

The Modern Calligraphy Workbook is printed on high quality, calligraphy-tested paper. You can write directly onto the workbook pages and it is spiral bound at the top, making it comfortable for practice. Layout paper can be placed on top of each of the pages for extra practising.

Babooche Calligraphy teaches many workshops and has put together this workbook to help you to practice and learn how to develop your modern calligraphy style.

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