Rodger Mayeda's Mahogany Oblique Pen, PRE-ORDER only - due in June. LAST batch


Rodger Mayeda (of Rodger's Pen Box) makes these lovingly by hand in the USA.
These solid mahogany oblique pen holders truly are the best pens to use for modern calligraphy & copperplate
and you'll notice the difference straight away when you start to use it - it's also highly endorsed by Lyndsey of
The Postman's Knock calligraphy blog!
Please specify via the drop down menu which nib you'll be using with this pen holder as Rodger custom-makes the flange to fit.
Please note that a nib is not included with the penholder.
This is our very LAST batch and when they're gone, they're gone for good - Rodger is
scaling back his pen making in order to spend more time with his family and will only sell small amounts through his Etsy store in future.

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