Nikko G with Ink Cage Reservoir


The revolutionary ink cage is a reservoir for pointed pen nibs. It allows you to write or flourish for much longer before re-dipping.

Use with fountain pen inks, calligraphy inks, Sumi and Indian inks without shellac, thinned gouache or watercolour.

Some inks may need to be thinned to work properly. We recommend distilled water for most inks.

Handling: Insert nibs into penholders by holding the sides of the nib to prevent damage to the ink cage.

Cleaning instructions: For water-based ink, clean the nib by dipping it several times in a small jar of water. For cleaning heavier pigmented inks, add a small amount of Higgins Pen Cleaner to the water. Pat the nib on a folded piece of paper towel, rolling it from side to side on both sides, being careful on the cage side. A little ink residue or staining in the cage area will not affect the nib’s performance. For best performance, clean between every other dip, depending on ink build-up. Do not soak nibs in cleaning solution or use hot water to clean. 


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